Soffit & Fascia

Soffit & Fascia

We are experts at repairing all types of soffits and fascia in Bedfordshire. We install new soffits and fascia, and we also fix loose or damaged soffits & fascia. Our high-quality uPVC fascia replacements will significantly enhance the aesthetic appeal of your property, creating a much cleaner, smarter finish. We only use the highest quality of materials and by replacing your soffits and fascia with uPVC, you benefit from their easy-clean and low-maintenance properties.
We supply and professionally repair/install replacement Soffits, Fascia, Box Ends and Barge boards. Our Services are available to domestic and commercial sectors across Bedfordshire. We only use high quality replacement Fascia’s & replacement Soffits, our calcium organic, dense uPVC extrusions guarantee a robust, attractive, long-life performance.
We are committed to value, quality and customer service. The price you are quoted is the price you will pay (no hidden extras). If you want to protect your roofing space and fit fascia’s and soffits that will be a lifelong asset to your home, then please contact us.
PVC Fascia Bedfordshire
Bedfordshire Soffits and fascia repairs and construction experts. Soffits and fascia are the boards that help protect your roofing space from the ingress of water. Located along the edge of the eaves of your property, they prevent rainwater, as well as small animals and insects, from getting into your roof.

If your fascia and soffits are damaged or rotting in any way, we provide a professional replacement service and you and your property can benefit from our experience and skills. We tackle Fascia and Soffit repairs around-the-clock in Bedfordshire for all types of fascia and soffit repair emergencies.

We can help replace or repair all types of soffits and backboards you might have, to ensure a matching finish to your guttering system. We have a range of styles and colours you can choose from. As Bedfordshire cladding experts, you can rest assured you’ll be getting only the best. We can help in replacing or installing a new PVC cladding on the exterior of your house. Cladding can be installed on your porch, conservatory or you can have a blend in with your drainage system.

We use only industry-approved materials to repair or install new soffit and fascia systems in Bedfordshire. Our team is equipped with modern tools and certified to carry out a quality soffit and fascia repair service in Bedfordshire. If you would like a free inspection of your soffits & fascia or need a new soffit installed, give us a call and we’ll be right there. When we apply Fascia and Soffit to your house, we also make sure that we allow any type of moisture to leave and be properly vented out of that area. We make sure that the area that has the fascia and soffit is being properly ventilated. What we do is apply a ventilation strip multiple times to make sure that fresh air can come in and the damp air can leave without causing any issues to the wooden structure. Our team has carried out hundreds of soffits and fascia repairs throughout Bedfordshire providing value each and every time.

If you need your soffits or fascia replaced by a local, affordable guttering company, contact the professionals at Premier Roofline today! Our team of friendly, well experienced guttering experts will be happy to help you with any questions you may have. Top quality workmanship at unbeatable prices. We also offer spectacular slate roofing services in Bedfordshire.

We provide a multitude of Fascia and Soffit services, some of which include:

  • New Fascia and Soffits Construction
  • Fascia and Soffits Installations
  • Fascia and Soffits Repairs
  • Cracked or Splitting Fascia and Soffit Repairs
  • Storm Damaged Fascia and Soffit Repairs
  • Leaking Fascia and Soffit Repairs
  • Rotten or Water Damaged Fascia and Soffits Repairs
  • Fascia and Soffit Bracket & Connections Replacement
  • Fascia and Soffit Cleaning Services